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Hello and welcome to Barn Comp 4!
Here we will be going over the format and how it will work for this competition.


Division determined based on age by September 6th, 2024

STAGE 1- This will be a point based course on which if you fall you will continue to run the course- You CAN keep collecting points after a fall. You have unlimited falls on stage 1 but for scoring, points ALWAYS beat time.




Example: Athlete 1 has 5 points with a time of 1:25

Athlete 2 has 4 points with a time of 1:10

Athlete 1 would still be the winner even though they were slower than athlete 2.

TOP 50% of ALL athletes in every category ( 10-12, Pro+) from stage 1 will make it to stage 2 OR ALL clears. If clear rate exceeds 50%

we will take more than 50% to stage 2!

 (This is a family friendly hosted event so if we feel like somebody had that DAWG in them and bled out on the course and kept fighting through and they DON'T make top 50% you will probably still be seeing them on stage 2.) 

SAFTEY PASS- The first place run of stage 1 for all divisions, Male & Female, will receive a barn safety patch that they are able to use as complete re-run on stage 2 if they choose so. Best out of their 2 runs on stage 2 will be taken for stage 3.




STAGE 2 - Stage 2 is fall and your run is over format, "one run and done". You will collect as many points as you can until you have your first fall or course clear. After your first fall we will ask you to leave the course, and you will not be able to continue your run UNLESS you are in the 10-12yr old division. You will be able to finish out the rest of your time as a "fun run". TOP 50% of stage 2 move onto Sunday's stage 3.

STAGE 3- Stage 3 for all divisions will be fall and your run is over. The farthest the fastest will be the winner of stage 3 and the entire Barn Comp 4. REMINDER there is NO "Overall best" of the barn comp. If somebody makes it into stage 2 & 3 in LAST place but WINS stage 3 they are the Barn Comp Champion.



Payouts: 10-12yr old division (Male and Female) 3rd place: $100, 2nd place, $200, 1st place $300

Payouts for Pro 13+ Every athlete that signs up will be $100 towards the pool for that athlete's gender. The money will be split up by giving 50% for 1st, 30% for 2nd, & 20% for 3rd.  Example: If 20 women sign up that would be $2,000 of cash prize divided evenly by our percentages given. Rewarding the athletes with $1,000, $600, & $400.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF OUR BARN BOYS AND GIRLS! Can't wait to see you all!

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